Totally Infuzd

Totally Infuzd Caramel Coffee

Rs. 700

At Totally Infuzd, we are on a mission to infuse your day with regular pauses of happiness so that you enjoy coffee with delectable flavors which are smooth on the palate.

Totally Infuzd Vanilla Coffee is a blend of 100% premium coffee and delectable flavor. Make super smooth mochas, lattes, and frappés without a machine.

Ingredients: Pure coffee powder, flavoring contains added natural and natural identical flavors.
Caffeine content: High
Net Weight: 100gms

Make your perfect cup of coffee: Take 1 teaspoon in a cup, pour hot water/milk and add sugar as per taste. Always use a dry spoon. 

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Consume within 3months of breaking the seal. 

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