Totally Infuzd

Totally Infuzd Brass Infuser

Rs. 600

Totally Infuzd teaware, helping you brew teas the perfect way. Flaunt your style at the afternoon tea! Bring this classy strainer home with fine mesh holes and a long designer handle for a good grip. Add niche to your tea experience with this beautiful brass tea strainer. Find more Teaware.

Fill, Steep & Enjoy! Fill this easy-to-use infuser with dry tea leaves and steep it in hot water to enjoy the best of our Totally Infuzd tea blends. This is our personal favorite.

Material Brass Infuser

How to use:

Add 2gms or 1 teaspoon of your favorite Green TeaOolong TeaHerbal Blend, or Black Tea to the Brass Tea Infuser and keep it in your favorite teacup. Pour hot water above the tea strainer and let it steep for 2-3 mins. Stir your tea using the brass strainer. Now remove your brass tea strainer gently out of your teacup and keep it aside. Grab your favorite book to make the perfect pair.

Totally Infuzd Tip: Pair it with our Jade Calm Herbal Blend for the perfect cup of 100% natural, caffeine-free teas.

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