Totally Infuzd

Tea Bag Holder

Rs. 350

The quaint porcelain tea bag holder shaped like a miniature teapot complements every tea party and is a thoughtful addition to tea-time. More than being a great decorative kitchen accessory or brunch nook, the tea bag holder is fit to serve sugar cubes, biscuits or bite-sized savouries. Minimize clean up after tea-time and avoid staining table tops with stir spoons and used tea bags. Made from fine quality porcelain, the crisp white tea caddy is shaped with recesses to catch drips from tea bags and contain any runoff. Enjoy easy, mess-free steeping!

  • Shaped and recessed to contain runoff
  • Teapot shape with handle and spout design
  • Crisp white porcelain
  • Holds any stir spoon, tea bag and most strainers
  • Great as party favours
  • Avoid stains on table tops 

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