Totally Infuzd

Totally Infuzd Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

Rs. 300

Totally Infuzd teaware, helping you brew teas the perfect way. Our ball-shaped stainless steel Tea infuser helps you brew your favorite cup of tea hassle-free. With an extended handle, it makes the tea brewing process easier. Easy to use, just scoop and steep the perfect loose tea & brew with ease. Grab your favorite book and enjoy your favorite cup of Tea.

Material Stainless Steel Mesh

How to use:

Add 2gms or 1 teaspoon of your favorite Green TeaOolong TeaHerbal Blend, or Black Tea to the stainless steel Tea Infuser and keep it in your favorite teacup. Pour hot water above the tea strainer and let it steep for 2-3 mins. Remove the strainer after steeping. Stir and enjoy your perfect cup of tea. Grab your favorite book to make the perfect pair.

Totally Infuzd Tip: Pair it with our Immunity Boosting Haldi Herbal Tea to make that perfect cup!

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