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Caffeine Free Bundle

Rs. 399

Caffeine Free Teas for the Calm inside you! Teas that help you relax and rejuvenate. We have put together zero caffeine teas for you in this bundle. Sip on it any time of the day, perfect to calm your senses and enjoy your peaceful surroundings. Celebrate Joy with our Caffeine Free Bundle packed with lots of health benefits.

Contains 10g Mini Packs of:

Jade Calm: A lemongrass and chamomile infusion is an ideal detox drink as it helps in treating stomach ailments. Consuming aromatic lemongrass leaves a calming and soothing effect on the body, while chamomile is known for treating insomnia- when paired together they make the perfect brew! This blend also helps in reducing menstrual pain, treats cold symptoms and mild skin issues.

Haldi Lemon Moringa: This superfoods blend is surely going to help you build your immunity. With natural pain-relieving and healing properties, this mystic tea is Ayurveda’s gift. Protecting and nourishing skin and hair, boosting red blood cells, anti-inflammatory properties, making the bones healthier, and relieving pain are a few of the many health benefits this tea offers.

Blue Mint: Blue Pea Flower Or Shankhpushpi in Ayurvedic text - is an incredible herb known to enhance every aspect of the human brain, it also helps maximize focus and calms the mind. Blended with Lemongrass and Mint this magical tea is loaded with health benefits. From anti-diabetic properties to anti-inflammatory properties this tea can also enhance your memory, help in insomnia and improve digestion.

Lavender Buds: This strong fragrant ingredient will calm your nerves! Deep dive into a meditative state with a warm Lavender brew which helps in relaxing the senses, promotes stress relief, and reduces stress hormone. 

Haldi Immunity: The ingredients talk for the tea! The golden spice of India, Turmeric with the goodness of Indian super herbs and adaptogens is a blessing for the human body. With endless health benefits and nutrition, this brew soothes and heals the body from within.

Hibiscus Rose: Packed with anti-oxidants, Hibiscus Rose makes the best tea to enhance your skin and hair. With anti-microbial properties, this tea helps in reducing inflammation and improves digestion. Hibiscus Rose is also rich in Vitamin C which improves immunity and protects against bacteria. A cup of Hibiscus Rose will surely help you reduce your anxiety and body temperature by cooling your body!

Contents: 6 Mini Packs
Each contains 10gm Loose Leaf Tea

How to brew the tea?

Add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves or 1 teabag in a cup. Pour hot water on the tea leaves. Let the tea leaves infuse in water for 2-3 minutes. Strain the tea leaves and add lemon/honey to enhance the taste! The tea leaves can be simply re-brewed by allowing additional 30 seconds of steeping time to make another cup of tea.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, preferably in an air-tight container. Teas can also be stored in a refrigerator after transferring the contents into an air-tight container or a ziplock pouch. Do not leave the loose tea or tea bags open or exposed to air. Always store your tea in an air-tight container.

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