Why is tea makes for the IDEAL monsoon beverage and 6 different teas you can indulge in this season

The much awaited monsoon is finally here to wash away our blues. But with the much loved showers a number of viruses come out to play. There is no better way to deal with the downside of monsoons than with India’s favorite time pass - TEA TIME. As has been rightly said by Bill Watterson, “Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book”-

Here is a list of teas collated by Harleen Gulati, Founder of Totally Infuzd to try out this monsoon season to add a warm twist to your life:

1. GINGER TEA- Ginger, when added to your tea, works like magic. The goodness of tea when enjoyed with the Ayurveda approved spice helps boost your immunity, increases the blood circulation in your body and has a soothing effect on your throat and lungs.

2. CHAMOMILE TEA- While Indians swear by Ginger as a cure for a variety of health problems, ancient Egyptians turned to the daisy-like flower-Chamomile which was considered sacred because of its ample number of health benefits. One of nature's many gifts, this sweet tasting flower helps people de-stress and can work wonders to help manage the ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ hovering over people’s heads just like the gloomy clouds. While the rains might make some feel sleepy, others may experience irritability and might not be able to sleep and that’s exactly why one should try a cup of chamomile tea for the induction of sleep which is one of the most important factors required to keep your body and mind healthy!

3. TULSI TEA- For an added dose of freshness in your life during the monsoon season, the ‘Queen of Herbs’- Tulsi can work to improve your heart health and promote detoxification in your body. A natural coolant peppermint can also be added to your tea to help keep your body temperature down and fight the monsoon flu.

4. OOLONG TEA- The goodness of black tea and green tea both can be experienced in the combined form of Oolong tea. With it’s range of flavours often compared to the differences in fine wine, it can help one maintain their weight during monsoons especially with the consumption of too many samosas and jalebis one enjoys as a guilty-pleasure with the lovely rains! It also helps keep skin problems at bay.

5. GREEN TEA- Simply turn to green tea which is a part of everybody’s fitness journey at least once in their lifetime. The oxidant rich tea is not given enough credit for its many other health benefits apart from weight loss. This caffeinated tea can straighten you out of your grumpy monsoon mood and give you a burst of energy.

6. MASALA CHAI- And last but not the least, the power of the much loved and classic cutting chai or masala chai cannot be ignored. An extremely flavourful and aromatic tea that boasts a number of health benefits has to be a part of everyone’s monsoon lifestyle. The perfect infusion of all the flavours not only soothes your palette but also helps control your blood sugar levels and cholesterol spiked by the vada pav and more jalebis to go with vada pav kyon ki itna toh banta hai na….

Well, the idea wasn’t to overwhelm you with so many options. It was to inform you that Totally Infuzd is here to save the day and reduce the stress induced by introducing so many options to you. They offer the finest quality of the above-mentioned teas and a host of other options- beginning from Green Cleanse,Blue Mint, Haldi Lemon Morninga, Jade Calm, Masala Chai and Hibiscus Rose.